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Do you ever get frustrated when the perfect Bible passage comes to mind, but you can’t remember what book or chapter it’s found in? Or would you just like some type of companion study guide to help you understand the Bible better? Whether your purpose is to recall information or learn God’s Word on a deeper level, there are several websites that can help. Some are meant to simply give you convenient access to the scriptures when you don’t have them on you, while others deliver insights and background information that can make your studies even richer. Here are a few of the top online Bible websites you might want to check out today.


Bible Gateway

This convenient Bible reference website also offers an app you can download on your electronic devices. It’s one of the more popular Bible search websites and offers the following services and functions:

  • Keyword search
  • Passage lookup
  • Audio Bibles
  • Devotionals
  • Newsletters
  • Reading plans
  • Various Bible versions
  • Scripture engagement tools

The website also offers a blog that has scripture-focused interviews, articles and news updated and is updated on a daily basis. The paid version of Bible Gateway gives subscribers access to an expanded library of resources they can use in their Bible studies and teachings.



Biblia is a website operated by Faithlife Corporation, which publishes resources and tools for Bible study. Biblia offers free access to Bible reference works and passages. You can easily toggle between the New International Version, English Standard Version, and other versions. You can also change your language so you can read the Bible in your native tongue. Biblia also offers:

  • Bible reading plans
  • Tools that allow you to tag Bible references
  • Forums
  • Extensive Bible library

The site has a convenient search feature that allows you to quickly and easily locate specific passages. You can create a free account in a matter of minutes.

Disclosure: The owner of Best Church Stuff is affiliated with Faithlife.


Bible Hub

Bible Hub is a site intended to help you promote the Gospel of Christ. The site has a self-proclaimed mission to increase accessibility and visibility of the scriptures online. They do a great job of fulfilling this goal by providing free access to scriptural passages and study tools in various languages.

The site began as part of The Online Parallel Bible Project, which was established in 2004 and was known as Bible Hub was formed in 2007 and has gone through several improvements and updates since its inception. The site offers the following:

  • Free access to Bible references and tools
  • Easy Bible search functions that allow you to find the Book and passage you want
  • Free study guide downloads
  • Sermons

You can turn commentary on if you want additional insights into specific verses, or turn them off if you simply want access to the plain and precious truths of the Bible.


Learn More

In addition to the websites listed here, there are many other Bible reference and study sites out there. They can make your life easier, whether you’re getting ready to preach a sermon or you just want to become more familiar with God’s Word. Visit Best Church Stuff to find information about the best church magazines, stock media sites and other resources for your church and personal Bible study sessions.


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