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Whether you are decorating a new church building or renovating an existing sanctuary, you want to find furniture that fits both with your congregation’s style as well as budget. Finding church furniture is not the same as buying new furnishings for your home; you are looking for a level of comfort and durability that can last for years and accommodate the size of your congregation. The easiest way to start your search for pews, stacking chairs, and other fixtures is to do an online search, especially since you most likely do not have access to a brick-and-mortar store to get the specialized items your community needs. Here is a list of great sites to help you find furnishings to outfit your house of worship.


New Holland Church Furniture

This website specializes in traditional, ornate fixtures for large, formal church settings. Look through their gallery to see the level of workmanship and beauty in places such as Washington National Cathedral and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in New York City. Their furnishings can suit both classic and modern church settings, and they even offer custom designs.


Church Partner

Perhaps your congregation is looking for a more frugal option to equip its buildings, offices, sanctuary, or chapel. Church Partner offers high quality pews, liturgical furnishings, and even tables and chairs for your fellowship hall, but at discount prices to stay well within your budget. You may be surprised at how far you can stretch your dollar with their selection.


Sauder Worship

This company began in the 1940’s in provide furniture to a local church that was damaged by fire. Since that time, they have helped furnish over 35,000 churches, funeral homes, synagogues, and court houses. What makes Sauder stand out is their excellent customer service as well as their vast selection of pews, platform furnishings, and even church office and social hall furniture.


Advantage Church Chairs

Some of these sites seem more suited to large congregations, but what if your church has modest, simple needs? Advantage Church Chairs is a great option because they can work with you, even if you need fewer pews and chairs. That’s a godsend to those smaller churches who may not otherwise meet the minimum requirement for chair orders at other websites.


Heavenly Wood

Unique, hand-carved furniture is the hallmark of Heavenly Wood. This website offers solid wood alter accessories, chairs, prayer kneelers, and more, to give your church interior a custom look without blowing the budget. They also have a large selection of office equipment to update your business and administrative offices.


King Church Furniture

Established in 1946, King Church has pews and pulpit furniture, but they are also experts in restoration. If you just need to replace the upholstery for your chairs or refinish wood furniture that is showing its age, you can talk with the professionals at this company to see how they can help you.


The Stuff You Need for Your Church

Hopefully, this list of websites can take the stress out of finding new furniture for your house of worship. Best Church Stuff is your go-to resource for any questions or concerns you may have to keep your church running smoothly. We have modern solutions to modern problems, so check us out to find the information you need for your congregation.


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